Dan Barber On Sustainable Fishing At Ted.com

It’s been a while since I last mentioned Dan Barber, the über talented chef/owner of Blue Hill & Blue Hill Farms.  The first time I brought Dan up on this blog, he was chatting up … Read more →

Eat Your Dog: A Late Night Thought Piece On Sustainability

If you don’t know that most anything can be proven in a study, now is the time to realize that seemingly absolute truth.  Keeping that in mind, I do love it when people basically stick … Read more →

One Man’s Perspective On The Locavore Movement Gets Contentious

Late last month, writer Tom Keane contributed a piece to the Boston Globe.  The topic at hand was the effect of the local food movement and some of the adverse consequences when one’s dietary constitution … Read more →

Watch Robert Kenner; Attend Food, Inc. Mixer With Rogue Apron; Then Make Some Changes

Originally, I was simply going to make this a “follow up” post on Food, Inc., that recently released food-centric documentary.  However, director Robert Kenner recently showed up on the Daily Show and  word has spread … Read more →

Louise Fresco Talks About Bread On Ted: Food For The Masses

I’m a huge fan of sustainable, farm-to-table ecosystems (and bad rhymes).  But let’s be honest, who isn’t a fan of the movement?  On paper, most everyone is.  However, one of the big problems with the … Read more →

Dan Barber Discusses Humane Foie Gras

Dan Barber is a respected chef.  He’s very big into sustainable food and Blue Hill, his famed restaurant, is actually a part of Blue Hill Farms.  Last year, Barber spoke about Foie Gras, the much … Read more →