Slice Dishes On Georgia Pizza

So the Slice pizza blog, powered by the gang at Serious Eats, took some time yesterday to recap all things pizza here in the peach state.  While a good bit of focus was given to … Read more →

Varasano’s Pizzeria Going Late Night

As I work through my full First Impressions review of The Kind Pie, I thought now is as good a time as any to mention that Varasano’s Pizzeria is getting ready to go late night … Read more →

Big Eaters Come In Little Packages: My Life, My Food, My Journey + Atlanta Gspots

I try and keep up with all the new sites that seem to spring up.  That said, I’m not entirely sure how these things come across my computer screen.  When they do, I try and … Read more →

Serious Eats And John Kessler Talk Atlanta, Pizza Wars, & More

Last week, I mentioned that a well respected NYC foodie and a local heavyweight were scampering around town to try some of the best Atlanta has to offer.  Yesterday, Ed Levine, the NYC dude of … Read more →

More National Press For Atlanta’s Most Discussed Pizza Restaurant

Varasano’s Pizzeria is in the news yet again.  This time, MSN City Guides is the culprit.  Yesterday, they did an article on the movement in the industry toward top notch crusts.  Does it surprise anyone … Read more →

Heaven Nights: All You Can Eat Every Thursday At Varasano’s Pizzeria

Every Thursday, from 8-11pm, you can show up at Varasano’s, pay a flat fee, and eat until you are stuffed.  The price is thought provokingly low.  For $12.95, us big’ns can eat as much pie … Read more →

Varasano’s Pizzeria: The Man, The Myth, The Pizza [Guest Blogger]

Food is like a religion in many respects. Foodies worship at the table of various high priests, inspired by their personalities as much as the cuisine which they promote. The examples are numerous— the locavore … Read more →

Varasano’s Pizzeria Now Open For Lunch

What else needs to be said?  Now you can get your fix in starting at 11:30! Varasano’s Pizzeria Restaurant Address & Information: 2171 Peachtree Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30309 // P: 404.352.8215 // Varasano’s Pizzeria … Read more →

We Got Pictures

I’m no Broderick, but I have started taking pictures.  Here are a few shots from my trip to Varasano’s Pizzeria on Sunday, March 29th, 2009.    Pics of the food after the jump!

Thank You Rain – Varasano’s Opens [Quick Hits]

Tonight, Varasano’s Pizzeria, one of the most anticipated Atlanta restaurants, finally opened its doors.  Despite a tremendous amount of recent attention directed at the Peachtree Hills pizzeria, the crowd was very manageable.  Similar to what … Read more →