Big Eaters Come In Little Packages: My Life, My Food, My Journey + Atlanta Gspots


I try and keep up with all the new sites that seem to spring up.  That said, I’m not entirely sure how these things come across my computer screen.  When they do, I try and take note of the ones with a little staying power.  Such is the case for blogger Grace Lee, a pint sized scribbler with an impressive appetite.  Lee has been doing her thing since June/August last year and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

In August, she started throwing up tidbits of her extensive journeys over on her blog (aptly named My Life, My Food, My Journey).  Though she hasn’t posted there in a bit, she usually drops in at least once a week.  In between her notations of thought, she seems to be working on a project by the name of Atlanta Gspots (link), a food driven content site that is up, but not yet ready for prime time.

While some of us showed up on the seen with just a little hi how you doing, Grace blew things up right from the start with her own launch party.  Meanwhile, she has started dropping in over on twitter (@AtlantaGspots) and has a Gspots facebook page which dwarfs that of yours truly (cough cough … hint hint.  People obviously take note of what she has to say.  So much so that she seems a natural for onscreen stuff … which brings me to the real reason to pay attention to this woman.

Where Grace really goes after my heart is with her ability to gobble up food with the best of them.  At 5’2 and 110 lbs she is deceptively cat like.  While the gentleman in me would normally abscond from any conversation involving a woman and her weight, the girl proudly wears her on her sleeve.  Ah but we ramble … anyway … witness:

Yes, that little girl just at 5 full pies and 1 slice of cake from Varasano’s Pizzeria.  Alright y’all, now that I have my camera back with me, I’m back on the war path.  Meanwhile, sit back and watch Grace swoon you.

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