Concrete Wine: It Tastes Sooo Good [Laugh of the Day]

A fine wine might impart images of palatial estates and smells of aromatic fruits and spices.  It might offer a demonstrative mid-palate and a finish of rich chocolates.  Then again, it might remind you of … Read more →

Scandal In The Wine World [News That Doesn’t Shock]

If you fancy yourself a wino, you know the name Jay Miller.  I didn’t say you liked Jay Miller, just that you probably know who he is.  For those who don’t obsess about the crushed … Read more →

The Art of A Good Wine List

Answers to the Age-Old Question: What Makes a "Good" Wine List? by certified Sommelier Elizabeth Schneider As wine becomes more popular, it seems like every restaurant touts its unique, boutique wine list. I’ve got to … Read more →

Krog Bar in Inman Park – Atlanta, GA [Wine Bar Review]

Deep in the backwoods of Inman Park and the Old 4th Ward and tucked away in the corner of the vast Stove Works complex sits a little gem of a wine bar.   Krog Bar, appropriately … Read more →

Atlanta Beverage Guide [Beer, Cocktails, & Wine]

Thanks in large part to establishments like Holeman & Finch (and by extension H&F Bottle Shop),  Leon’s Full Service, and Perrine’s Wine Shop, Atlanta’s beer community, cocktail culture, and wine enthusiasm is alive, well, and … Read more →

Perrine’s Wine Shop Lays The Smack Down

It’s a bright and sunny day in Atlanta’s Westside Provision District.  The late August breeze lends itself well to the sleek White Provision complex and its many foot-bound visitors.  I have just stepped inside a … Read more →

Thirsty South: Your Guide To Style … Drinking Style [Websites]

A new website/blog is on the scene and it goes by the name of  While I’m going to bet most of y’all have a knack for the obvious … in case you don’t: Thirsty … Read more →

Wine By Perrine Wine Shop Coming To The Westside [Openings]

Perrine Prieur, the former sommelier from Joel, is set to open her eponymous Wine By Perrine Wine Shop in the not to distant future.  As it stands, the boutique is slated to open in the … Read more →

The Flaw In Wine Ratings Perks The Wall Street Journal

Wine ratings are highly controversial to say the least.  At their core, the ratz seem like a great idea.  They take something that isn’t standardized and provide people with a measurable way of differentiating it … Read more →

With Great Wine, Comes Great Food

So Eat It Atlanta decided to head out to Cali for a little visit to the Wine Bloggers Conference.  Turns out, he ran into Mr. Dirty South Wine and the two of them cavorted about, … Read more →