Thirsty South: Your Guide To Style … Drinking Style [Websites]

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A new website/blog is on the scene and it goes by the name of  While I’m going to bet most of y’all have a knack for the obvious … in case you don’t: Thirsty South is dedicated to all things drink.  They have an excellent photographer on staff and have already hit up Perrine’s Wine Shop … the best wine shop in town … which also happens to be the newest wine shop in town.  Check out the post and tell me the blog doesn’t have mad potential.

Anyway, the site will cover wine, beer, libations & cocktails, coffee, tea, and pretty much anything else that takes liquid form.  I think there’s a lot of potential for this thing to go big … so get in early!  I’ll leave you with this lifted photo … good stuff … good stuff!  Don’t forget to follow their facebook page and the twitter feed for all the good tids and bits.

New World, Old World

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