Giant Octopus Cake: 200LBs Of Edible Art [Molluscs]

Giant Octopus Cake

So in my spare time, I like to browse the internet.  Shocking, I Know.  Well, during a little R&D, I came across this this monstrosity on flickr!  That’s right folks, it’s 200lbs of edible octopus.  As shocked as I was to see it, I was more surprised when I realized that it comes courtesy of Karen Portaleo and Highland Bakery.

Not being a cake man, I’m not entirely sure how much of this is actually cake.  Whatever it is … it’s freaking cool!  As of now, there are 165 images in the HB specialty cake set, I suggest you waste some time there.  Look out Duff … you’ve got some competition!

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