Quick Hits: Ann’s Snack Shop – The Mellowing Of The Burger Meanie

My first trip, circa 2003, to Ann’s Snack Shop (internal), was as memorable as it could get.  Given the absence of great Atlanta food blogs at the time, I had no idea what to expect.  I sauntered in, plopped myself down at a stool and quickly hunched myself over the bar.  Within moments, I was summarily dismissed from my seat by Ann herself.  I walked out that day hell bent on returning!  Several years later, and with a few extra pounds on me, I find that Ann seems to have simmered down a touch.

I’ll definitely elaborate on Ann’s AWESOME Ghetto Burger during my Atlanta Burger Bust, but for now … I just want to get in and out real quick.  I saw newbies make the mistake of walking in from the porch before there was an open spot.  In years past, I’ve seen them ejected with extreme prejudice.  This time, I only saw Ann snap half-heartedly at one group.  The rest seemed to exit without incident.

The rules board is now covered with pictures that cover up the bullet points.  As she has done during my last few trips, she engaged me and my crew a couple of times during our meal.  I think you just kinda gotta know how to break her shell.

Well that’s about it for this.  Be prepared to wait … we showed up at 12 and I didn’t leave until 1:40.  That was cutting it short as my step-bro and his pops were kind enough to pick up my tab.  They weren’t done when I left.

Ms. Ann’s a warm hearted woman with a passion for what she does (37 years of burgers in May).  Much like Phuong at Tasty China, there is a great charm to the way she moves.  The Ghetto Burger and the Hood Burger (Ghetto+Slaw instead of L&T) are as good as ever.  The wait is long, the experience is intense, and the calories are EXTREME!!! Yeah baby!

Ann’s Snack Shop Address & Information:
1615 Memorial Dr, Atlanta, GA 30317 // P: Don’t Bother // Hours: 11:30am – 7:30pm
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