Bon Appetit Misses The Mark On America’s Best New Barbecue

Creative Loafing ran a little bit on a recent article in Bon Appétit.  BA decided to get in on the barbecue debate by naming the America’s ten best NEW barbecue places.  The mention on CL motivated me to revisit my thoughts on the list that was released earlier this month.

Top 10 lists are really hard to do, especially when your sample size is the entire US of A.  Heck, it’s hard enough to name the top 10 in any given city, let alone, the country.  But still … they could have done better.  Is it any surprise to you that I find the list a debacle for several reasons?  Keep in mind, I’ve only hit 3 of these spots, but those trips have told me all I need to know.

First, the list is supposed to discuss new restaurants.  Granted, there isn’t a hard definition for a “new restaurant,” but Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge is anything but.  It’s a gourmet spot that has long been in my Boston rotation.  While I can’t tell you how long they’ve been open, I do know that I’ve had barbecue there as early as 2005.  Same can be said for my beloved Zingerman’s Roadhouse (website).

Second, there’s a difference between a BBQ restaurant and a place that serves barbecue (both of the aforementioned are the latter).

Third, Rolling Bones BBQ is now under new management.  I posted on it earlier today, but I just want to clarify.  I am surprised that it was identified as one of the best in its former incarnation.

I guess the moral of the story is “Be careful what you read.”  You never know how qualified the person behind the list is! (wink) Meanwhile, if you are ever in Cambridge – you must stop in at Formaggio.  Regardless of where you live, YOU MUST try Zingerman’s (via mail order if need be).

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