Carnivores Tear Into The Atlanta BBQ Festival At Turner Field

 atlanta bbq festival - haha, rudy sucked by you.

Just a shade over two weeks ago, I hit up Turner Field for the Atlanta BBQ Festival.  Given that this was their inaugural party, I was pretty impressed with how smoothly things went down.  While the grubblins were essentially left to their own devices, it wasn’t too hard to figure out what was what.  It was particularly amusing to see the little dance that developed.

Step 1: One of the tents would fire up some free barbecue
Step 2: A massive line would form
Step 3: Crowd would mow down their the amuse-bouche sized samples with fervor
Step 4: Crowd would instantly dissipate and move onto the next station victim, rinse, and repeat

While there were a ton of boutique grill masters on hand, a number of Atlanta barbecue joints made an appearance (Fox Bros comes to mind).  As logic would follow, there were a plethora of styles and meats available, so I won’t go through all the individual bites I had.  However, there were a couple of competitions, a report by Good Day Atlanta, and a bunch of photos… so check it out (after the jump of course)

the photos

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the competitions

The Pro Division

Participants: Southern Soul BBQ, KC’s Real Deal, Runnin Wild, 5 star BBQ, Tuff Dog Grillers, Uncle Buds BBQ , Barefoot in the Pork, Lazy Bear BBQ , Q-tips needed, Grillin Tyme, BBQ masters, Characters Famous BBQ, Fox Brothers, Paul’s Good eats

  • Overall Winner: 1st: Grillin Tyme / 2nd: Barefoot in the Pork / 3rd: Uncle Buds BBQ
  • Chicken: 1st: Southern Soul / 2nd: Grillin Tyme / 3rd: Fox Brothers.
  • Ribs: 1st: Fox Brothers / 2nd: Tuff Dog Grillers / 3rd: BBQ Masters.
  • Pork: 1st: Barefoot in the Pork / 2nd: Que tips needed / 3rd: Tuff Dog Grillers
  • Brisket: 1st: Grillin Tyme / 2nd: BBQ masters / 3rd: Tuff Dog Grillers.

The Runnin Wild Open

Participants: Grillmaster flash, Johns Creek BBQ Crew, Flint River BBQ team, Chicken Pit Special, Classy cookers, Fire and Ice, Hilles Heavenly BBQ, The Right Stuff BBQ, Geno’s Dream team, Nice Rack, Chandra’s BBQ, X factor, Canuck Q, Double B’s BBQ, Roaddog Express

  • Overall: 1st: Canuck Q / 2nd: The Right Stuff BBQ / 3rd: Flint River BBQ
  • Chicken: 1st: Right Stuff / 2nd: Flint River / 3rd: Johns Creek BBQ Crew.
  • Ribs: 1st: Canuck Q / 2nd: Right Stuff BBQ / 3rd: Roaddog express,

For capturing the pro division title, Grillin Tyme will get to showcase their grill skills for all you good little Braves fans.  At a 2010 home game (date TBD), they will get the opportunity to sell to the masses.

Good Day Atlanta

A special thanks to the guys at KC’s Real Deal BBQ.  They were particularly friendly and offered me a freshly shucked oyster simply out of kindness.  Keith Caine, the grill master, informed me that they do indeed cater.  While they don’t have a website, you can reach KC’s Real Deal BBQ at 404.210.2376 or via email.

For more on the experience, check out the Atlanta BBQ Festival website

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