Just A Little Point Of Clarification

I’m not even going to get into any of the who/what/where/why or any of that junk.  This is just a little point of clarification for any of you who actually read my blog.  I have a yelp account and if I say something on Yelp it will tie to the profile that is located at http://foodiebuddha.yelp.com/.  From time to time, I do chime in on the comment sections of a handful of blogs.  It’s not often, but when I do, I pretty much stick to mundane statements and jokes between friends (yes … I actually have them).  I don’t have the time nor the concern to deal with this much beyond this post … but if you want to know what I said … just come here.  If you can’t figure out the difference between me and my little fan boy stalkers, well … not much I can do about that.  Stupidity abounds … now back to our regularly scheduled program.

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