How To Pickle … Staplehouse Style {Pickles}

It’s not often that I get holiday cards that I hold onto for more than a few days.  Sorry … it’s true.  However, this past New Year’s Day I was pleasantly surprised when I got this short epistle:

How To Pickle (Staplehouse Style)

Pretty kick ass if you ask me.  The artsy little ode to pickles is a succinct and easy to execute method courtesy of Ryan + Jen Hiding, known around these parts as the couple behind Staplehouse.  If you don’t want to print out that card, I’ve taken the time to transcribe it for you after the jump!


How to pickle

for one quart of cucumber dill pickles

two large english cucumbers. half cup kosher salt. one cup hot water.
half cup apple cider vinegar. four cloves garlic. teaspoon whole black peppercorn.
pinch red chili flake. two teaspoons mustard seed. two sprigs fresh dill.

How to
slice cucumbers into quarter inch wheels and combine with salt in bowl. refrigerate
for one hour. combine all other ingredients into second mixing bowl and allow brine to
marinate while cucumbers are salting. leave brine at room temp. remove cucumbers
from refrigerator and rinse completely. transfer cucumbers to ball jar or other sealable
container and pour brine to cover. the pickles are ready to eat in one hour, but are

best after 24 hours. please keep refrigerated.

wishing you a happy and healthy 2011. ryan + jen hidinger


Well that’s all there is to it folks.  Thanks to Ryan and Jen for sending out these useful notations and if you don’t know what they’re all about … go check out their supper club blog located at

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