Cocaine Clams [This Week In Drug Smuggling]

CocaineClamI gotta give David Pocasangre Vaquiz some credit.  Dude has some balls, a touch of creativity, and a major boner for clams.  Vaquiz was detained at Washington Dulles in DC with approximately 80 clams in his luggage.  What makes this story unique is that the El Salvadorian native had stuffed each of the clam shells with a little bit of Aunt Nora, Bernie’s Gold Dust, Bolivian Marching Powder or whatever your preferred “euphemism du jour” for cocaine.  All in all, the report states that Vaquiz had just over 5 ounces of the stuff (street value of $10,000).  No word yet on whether or not the clams were obtained through sustainable channels.

[via Examiner]

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