Someone Famous Wants To Eat In Atlanta

Bonjwing Lee, known to most as The Ulterior Epicure, is, what my good friend calls, a super blogger.  Dude be everywhere.  His eating budget is larger than most people’s living budget and he’s got the food porn to prove it.  Plus, he travels … UH LOT and he’s contributed to the pretty awesome Bluestem cookbook, which you can snag off Amazon!

Today, UE published his best of 2011 restaurant edition.  Be warned: it’s a jealousy inducing list of culinary wet dreams.  Towards the end of the post, The UE fired off his 2012 Bucket List.  That alone will bring many a foodie to salivate.

Why do I mention this?  Well, a) it’s of general interest to anyone who loves food and b) both Empire State South and Miller Union showed up on his To-Do List for 2012.  Score ATLANTA!

Thanks to the incredibly awesome tax credits bestowed upon the Georgia film industry, Atlanta is a hot spot of celebrity sightings and the UE is perhaps the most noteworthy restaurant blogger on the interwebs.  While I’ll admit that more people are likely to care about Bustin Jieber than Tony Bourdain, and I am long since past the point where I get nervous meeting someone famous, I know at least a few people of the female persuasion who are kind of excited by the idea of Lee weaving through our city.

So if I were to get all happy dance in the same way an 80s mallrat would at a Debbie Gibson, or Deborah Gibson, or whatever the hell she’s calling herself these days, concert … the UE would certainly be worthy of my teenage dream screams.  Plus, Lee’s initial motivations for remaining anonymous line up with why I still try to be, so I have very much appreciated his looking glass.  Plus, he writes like a boss.

As for his expectations for ESS & MU, well – I’m sure y’all know I’m not exactly elated by my visits to either, but I look forward to hearing what the Ulterior Epicure will have to say should he indeed make good on his wishes.

[via The UE blog]

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