Policies Page

This page includes my personal policy, the site comments policy and my email privacy policy.

Save for the personal policy section, this is a living document.  The hope is that the document doesn’t need to change, but I reserve that right.

Personal Policy

  1. Everything I eat is paid for by someone in the party.  Sometimes a friend or a family member will pick up the tab, but everything is paid for by someone in my party (and usually, that’s me).
  2. My anonymity is paramount.  If I know a restaurant knows my identity – I will not post a review on said establishment.  If I know a restaurant identifies me after a review is posted, I will keep that post up.  Even if a restaurant knows me, I will post newsworthy information about that restaurant at my discretion.  I will allow a guest poster to review a restaurant that knows who I am provided that the guest poster is anonymous.
  3. I do not attend media events, but thank you for asking.
  4. I will not provide PR for free material.  However, if you have something you would like me to check out, send it and if I have something to say, I’ll post on it with  full disclosure.


Comments Policy

  1. Disparaging remarks about Foodie Buddha are perfectly acceptable, even tersely worded ones.
  2. If you would like to engage in an ongoing discussion with me in which you choose to be hostile, that is fine.  However, you must provide a moniker that is unique and identifiable (aka GuyWhoIsGonnaChangeHisNameAllTheTime won’t cut it).  Further to the point, you must offer up a legitimate email.  It’s fine if it’s a fake email, but if you can’t access the email address you list – you’re not allowed to speak aggressively.  These are the MINIMUM requirements.
  3. People engaged with me wishing to aggressively interact must have a point.  Bring some legitimate discourse.
  4. This is not a forum for warmongering.  Healthy debate amongst commentators is fine.  Bullying is not.  Granted this is subjective, but basically – I’m saying you will get away with a lot more if you’re talking about/to me than you will if you chose to get hostile with another reader.
  5. “Hate speech” isn’t going to happen here.
  6. You must respect people’s right to privacy.

Comments that fail to meet those minimum requirements will be subject to eradication.  However, they will be kept on file.  At sometime in the future, should comment moderation actually become a true issue, I might have a comment repository for those removed directly from the individual posts.

Email Privacy Policy

I can be reached via email through my contact page.  You may or may not have one of those long “Surgeon General” warnings on the end of your emails.  Even if you do, I may publish what you send me if I feel there is a reason to share it.  So regardless of what protections you may think you have,  or may actually have, my best advice is: if you aren’t willing to share it with everyone, you may not want to share it with me.

In the oft chance that you are one of those people who would like to ask me for restaurant advice, say hello, or just communicate for whatever reason you see fit … I may still use your emails publicly; however, your contact information will only be released if you permit it.

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