Cooking Comically: Pancakes Never Tasted So Sexy

Forget JT, Tyler Capps is the dude who has been bringing sexy back.  His Cooking Comically website may just be the best new recipe site on the web.  A little over a month ago, Capps … Read more →

Bacon Pancakes [Recipes]

I hate bacon.  I don’t really mean bacon itself, rather … I hate what has become of bacon.  It’s everywhere and it’s Benton’s fault!  Still, when I found this recipe for bacon strip pancakes, I … Read more →

Bobby & June’s Kountry Kitchen Restaurant Review – Midtown, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions]

Bobby and June’s Kountry Kitchen is a place of romanticism and idealized memories.  Every city has a place (or two) like this, a breakfast joint that serves as a tribute to times gone by from … Read more →

Eggs With Truffle Oil – Eat It Style [Breakfast Time]

So a few days ago, Eat It Atlanta posted these pics:   That made me hungry! No matter what any food picture conglomerate says: his photos do not suck! Back on point, I read his … Read more →