Chef Cyrille Holota Takes Over At FAB [Breaking News]

Chef Cyrille Holota, formerly of the defunct JOEL Brasserie, has just been named the new chef at French American Brasserie, colloquially known as FAB.  It’s a somewhat interesting union, as both the restaurant and the … Read more →

Wylie Dufresne Loves His Balls Covered With Cookies – Liquid Nitrogen And Ice Cream Make Fun

When you strip away the fame and the talent, Wylie Dufresne is really just another boy with his toys.  Of course, it just so happens that Wylie is talented, famous, and really good with his … Read more →

Breaking News: Adam Biderman Out At Holeman & Finch

This has the potential to break my heart.  I, along with every other foodie in ATL, love Holeman & Finch, that über cool English pub in Peachtree Hills.  Well, according to his own facebook status, … Read more →

Gaston Lenôtre has passed away.

As reported via a variety of media outlets, famed French Chef Gaston Lenôtre passed away on January 8, 2009.  Chances are that if you’ve eaten sweets or if you’ve eaten at a French restaurant, then … Read more →

A Blais of Glory: Kessler follows Chef Richard Blais

John Kessler, one of the longtime food critics from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, gave us a recap of Chef Richard Blais’ “hyperactive nine-year career in Atlanta restaurants.” LINKY