Recipe View: Google For The Home Cook [Home Cooking]

  Though it’s not yet active (but will be shortly), Google Inc. just announced a new recipe feature for those of us that like to sling pots and pans around our kitchens.  This “recipe view” … Read more →

The Second Coming Of Julia Child … Clara Cannucciari

Clara Cannucciari is old school – literally.  She is a 93-year old cook who runs  To be honest, I’m more interested in her stories than her cooking.  She talks about food and cooking from … Read more →

Cookin’ With Google: Food Recipe Custom Search Engine

ResearchBuzz has created a custom search engine geared toward cooking.  You can find the engine here.  This is a great way to create a meal based on what is in your refrigerator.  I’ve been reasonably … Read more →

How To Dice Or Mince An Onion: With Chef Jean Pierre

This is a good video for those that want to improve their knife skills.  I have a slightly modified technique myself, but since I don’t do videos, this will have to do.  It is as … Read more →