Free Weber Gas Grills Spatula, Get It While You Can

I’m not 100% sure if the quota for this one has been reached.  Weber Gas Grills is giving away a free spatula.  From their website: We are giving away free grill accessory, spatula (turner). It … Read more →

Free Brewmaster’s Tasting Kit From Killian’s Red

Yes, that’s right!  You can get four tasting glasses, a bottle opener, and a tasting guide absolutely free!or the low low price of ZERO dollars!  Here’s what you need to do: Visit Click on … Read more →

Arby’s Makes Groundbreaking Announcement: Free Burgers Through March 9

So it is evident that Arby’s fast food chain puts a ton of money into market research.  Apparently, burgers are the in thing.  To promote the addition of three roastburgers to the Arby’s menu, the … Read more →