Turn Your iPhone Into A Food Worthy Camera

For those food bloggers who use an iPhone 4 (or 4s) as their camera, taking good food photographs is one of the biggest challenges you come across.  As it happens, a company by the name … Read more →

All You Need For A Clean House: Cheeseburgers

Who knew… but apparently all you need to keep a clean house is one of these kick ass little 4”x3” burger vacuums.  I’m not exactly sure what the white stuff is… perhaps an onion…maybe an … Read more →

Milk Chocolate In Your Computer: Hershey’s Goes Techie

Apparently, this whole economic crisis is making companies totally rethink their business models.  Now, Hershey’s (yes that Hershey’s) is developing a line of consumer electronics.  They are going to start with Hershey Chocolates yum drives … Read more →

Laugh Of The Day: Mario Batali Wind-Up Toy, It’ll Make You Flip Your Spaghetti

Damn Cool!  This will most definitely find it’s way onto my toy shelf (warning: crappy phone pic).  You can buy it on robotoys.com. [Via NA] Technorati Tags: funny,mario batali,gadgets,toys

Laugh Of The Day: VHS Toaster

Got an old VHS deck lying around and a inkling for a tinkering?  Follow this Instructables.com lesson and end up with your very own VHS toaster. Technorati Tags: funny,gadgets,videos,food videos

Let Everyone Know You Eat At Krystal … errr … White Castle Amps

The gang over at NerdApproved never ceases to amaze me.  Check out these White Castle Amps. [Krystal is the South’s version of WC … ].  Sorry for the lack of content today, but I needed … Read more →

Laugh Of The Day: World’s Best Pizza Slicer

So yesterday brought word of the NerdApproved Pizza Pro 3000 Circular Saw.  First I was afraid, I was petrified; then I was told I’d rather have a kick ass laser by my side! (Yeah Gloria!)  … Read more →