Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise In Sausage [Laugh Of The Day]

Though I’m not Trekkie, this … how do you say? Um … Awesome! Yes, apparently someone (a few years back as it seems), sat down to turn a collection of German sausage into a full … Read more →

News From The Foodieverse: Holeman & Finch, KFC Goes Racial, Bacon Bourbon Caramel Corn

Just because I was away doesn’t mean the world came to a screeching halt (shocking, I know).  So here are some odds and ends from around the net from the past week+.  I’ll leave this … Read more →

Sausage Briefcase: Your Meat To Go [Laugh Of The Day]

Early last month, the Wurstkoffer started to creep around the internet.  I thought it would make for good Saturday readings.  For those of you that don’t speak German (that’s me), this modified toolbox is toted … Read more →

Chef Paul Albrecht Getting In On A Trend: The Burger Lounge Scheduled For September

Paul Albrecht is no stranger to the Atlanta dining scene.  A founding member of the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, he is the purveyor of the namesake Paul’s Restaurant and the newly minted Social Vinings.  Now … Read more →

Overweight Dude Rages Against Jimmy Dean [Laugh Of The Day]

How could this possibly be real?  What follows is supposedly a recording of a complaint call made to the Jimmy Dean Sausage 1-800 number.  Real or not, it’s pretty funny.  That said, it’s pretty tame … Read more →

Recipe: White Bean Soup With Sausage And Peppers

Recipe care of Susan Steinberg My good friend Susan Steinberg has imparted a great deal of knowledge on me in these past few months.  Steinberg is the very definition of a “functional foodie.”  She ran … Read more →