Late Night Fast Food Runs: A Dangerous Proposition

While perusing my community message board this past morning, I stumbled across this particular exchange.  Is it something y’all are dying to read?  Probably not – in fact, this may be a complete and total … Read more →

Taco Bell Owner Glen Bell Dies; Makes One Last Run For The Border

The man who gave every college student hope for a better day finally bid adieu this past Sunday.  Though he hasn’t owned Taco Bell is some time, we all owe a gratitude of debt to … Read more →

Free Taco Bell Fresco Taco

Works for me … i suppose … no check that, why make a run for the border if you’re going on a diet.  But free is free.  To print it, you actually have to click.  … Read more →

Zachary Moir Uses Tacos: The Other Dangerous Food

Apparently, blowfish isn’t the only food that needs to be tightly controlled.  Reports out of Orlando are that Zachary  Moir, a moronic 19-year-old, attacked his mother of all people.  Why? Because he did not want … Read more →