Atlanta’s David Cross Talks Food

Atlanta’s reigning king of comedy, one David Cross, is into food.  In fact, his whole family is (sister Wendy Cross runs Atlanta’s WOW Food Truck).  Today, Gourmet just posted an interview with the very hilarious … Read more →

Serious Eats Atlanta Food Truck Slideshow [RoamingATL]

We at Roaming Hunger do our best to keep up with what’s going on in the food truck world (Follow us via @RoamingATL and @RoamingHunger).  Thankfully, our job is often times made a bit easier … Read more →

WOW Food Truck: Arepas On Atlanta’s Streets [RoamingATL]

The tale of the WOW Food Truck is a long and sordid tale of murder, intrigue, betrayal, and arepas.  Okay, not so much on the first three, but yes on those Venezuelan corn-cakes.  Wonderlicious on … Read more →