Recipe: Roasted Chicken & Potatoes

My Favorite Roast Chicken Recipe 
(derived from America’s Test Kitchen’s High Temperature Roast Chicken)

Everyone has their opinion on the best roasted chicken recipe; whether it’s multi-day involvement of the Zuni recipe, the classic simplicity of Thomas Keller’s take, or this quick version from ATK – they all have one thing in common: small roaster chickens & high temperatures. The ATK version below is my personal favorite. The potatoes cooked in the rendered chicken fat are delicious. It’s also perfect with a side of roasted brussel sprouts; just put a sheet pan of oiled & seasoned brussel sprouts into the oven halfway through the cooking time.


1 roasting chicken, 3.5-4 lbs 
1 cup kosher salt 
1/2 cup brown sugar 
1.5 Tablespoon olive oil

2.5 pounds roasting potatoes sliced thinly 
Salt & Ground black pepper 
1 Tablespoon olive oil

Compound butter:
4 Tablespoons butter 
1 clove garlic, mashed 
1 Tablespoon dijon mustard 
1 teaspoon minced fresh herbs of choice 
ground black pepper

Brine chicken in solution of water with 1 cup kosher salt and 1/2 cup brown sugar dissolved in it for 1 hour.

Thoroughly dry the chicken with a towel. Butterfly the chicken by removing the backbone. Push down firmly on the breast bone to flatten.

Make compound butter. Using the tips of your fingers, gently loosen skin on the chicken while avoiding tearing it. Smush compound butter under the loosened skin to coat. Rub oil over chicken outside of chicken.

Thinly slice potatoes and toss with oil, salt and pepper. Layer potatoes evenly onto a aluminum foil covered sheet pan.

Place grilling rack over potatoes. Arrange chicken on top, folding drumsticks inward to cover the breast. Roast at 500 degrees until the internal temperature in breast is 160-163 degrees. Approximately 30-45 minutes.

Remove from oven and rest for a few minutes. Pat excess oil off of potatoes, and remove from foil. Plate potatoes & top with chicken.

Serve & Enjoy.


(Note — the garnishing is pretty weak, but just a simple bundle of rosemary along with a half of lemon on the plate would have made a big difference visually.)

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