Gato Bizco Cafe Restaurant Review – Candler Park, Atlanta, GA

From the archives (10.03.2008)


This is what a breakfast joint should be.  It’s nestled in that hopping little intersection of McLendon & Clifton, across the street from the evil empire that is Flying Biscuit.  Nearby, there are a handful of shops/boutiques as well as the Fellini’s/La Fonda combo.  I’ve visited Gato Bizco more times than I can remember; I’ve never left disappointed (or hungry).  The food is inexpensive and the portions are HUMONGOUS.  It’s almost too cheap for the amount of food you get.  It is hard to make a really stand out breakfast; but, Gato does without fail!

The atmosphere is “comfortable emo-punk.”  The employees are tattooed and pierced, but, they have a very “come as you are” appeal.  Don’t be alarmed as everyone here is accepted with kindness. When you walk into a place like the Majestic, you aren’t sure when the last time any of the employees showered.  This is not the case with the staff at Gato Bizco.  Though the restaurant has that dive-ish quality, the establishment is clean.

The customers come from all walks of life (sans the street folk that frequent places like Majestic) and the staff never makes you feel out of place.  The decor is as comforting as the food; there are a handful of booths and a bar that seats about eight people.

If you go on a weekend, you’ll have a little bit of a wait – usually between 15-25 minutes, but don’t let that deter you.  You can sit outside and they will gladly bring you the beverage of your choice.  The wait is usually longer across the street (for some odd reason); and though the menus are far from identical, I just can’t see why the Biscuit gets such a crowd.

The fare here includes traditional American breakfast grub, basic tex-mex fare, and an assortment of sandwiches and lunchables.  The biscuits are fresh every day and boy are they freakin tasty!  Each one is fluffy, fresh, and crumbles in just the right way.  That said, I’m pretty sure they are made offsite.  The eggs are amazing.  Whether you order the omelet, a breakfast sandwich, or the Huevos Rancheros (OOOH MAN ARE THEY TASTY), you will not be disappointed.  The eggs always seem to come out fluffy and light.  When you add the aforementioned eggs (any style), cheese, and/or meat to a biscuit, you end up with one of the best breakfast sandwiches you’ll find.  Be careful with the burritos – they are massively huge and massively tasty.  (massively tasty – is that even an appropriate phrase???)

The menu is also chalk full of pancakes, tex-mex choices, and sandwich options.  To be honest, I’ve never ordered any of them.  It is not a due to a lack of desire; rather, I can never get myself to pass on the Huevos or a breakfast sandwich.  I’ve seen many a children dive into the pancakes like the Hamburglar mows down a cheeseburger, only to stop half-way through as the immense deliciousness of their meal puts them into a wonderful food coma.
In fact – that’s what this place is – one big food coma.  Caveat emptor!


Address: 1660 McLendon Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30307 // P: 404.371.0889

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