Kevin Rathbun Steak And Bone’s Get National Love (And Rachael Ray Turns On Millions)

Rachael Ray does food porn like there is no tomorrow (NSFW vid after the jump!).  However, she also has quite a following for her show entitled “Every Day.”  Recently, she organized a bracket busting tournament that included 17 critics, 20 meals, and two Atlanta steakhouses.

In the March edition of her magazine, Ray setup a March Madness bracket (pdf) that pitted 64 of the countries most notable steakhouses.  Atlanta sent two representatives to the big dance in the form of Kevin Rathbun Steak and Bone’s.

In a cruel twist of fate, they faced off in the opening round.  Rathbun eked out a last second victory with the delivery of a perfectly cooked filet mignon (okay – not really but I was just trying to keep with the spirit of the real March Madness).  They then went on to best two more competitors before succumbing to Bern’s, the eventual winner.

Congrats to both restaurants!

And yes, here is that oldie but goodie from everyone’s favorite tube site:

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