Coming Soon: The Buddha Tour – Atlanta Sub Shops

So after hanging with Jimmy from Eat It, Atlanta, I have been inspired to copy borrow his Atlanta Pizza Days idea.  However, a few changes are necessary! First, I don’t run marathons – so if I eat something as unhealthy as pizza 15 times in approximately two weeks, I’ll die.  Second, pizza can get expensive!  So in these budget conscious times, why not serve up a freshly made submarine sandwich?

Okay, so rules are being finalized, people are being contacted, and a list of contenders is being compiled.  If anyone here has a “must hit” location – be sure to let me know – you are more than welcome to do it via the comments section.  I might do a poll in a day or so if I am undecided on all the locations. 

I have some family in town for the day, so I’m gonna go play nice.  In the meantime, sit tight … I’ll be back tomorrow with more details.  Let the suggestions begin.

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