Bernie Madoff’s Latest Restaurant Reservation: Le Cirque Geôle

Bernie Madoff can kiss my grits (and probably everyone else’s too!).  Everyone’s favorite Ponzi dwebe is now safely behind bars.  As you might expect, the guy who had a taste for the finer life is having to adjust a bit.  The NY Post was kind enough to elaborate on Bernie’s latest restaurant reservation:

In the meantime, now that bellyaching Bernie has been hauled off to the federal clink, he will have to tweak his taste for prime rib and cognac amid conditions that are decidedly less refined.

Prisoner No. 61727-054 spent his first night at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in isolation in a special housing unit, known as "the box."

He munched on a microwaved meal of frozen chicken patties and canned string beans delivered to his cell in a Styrofoam container.

"Think of the worst school lunch you ever had," said a woman who visited another inmate at the lower-Manhattan jail yesterday. "The food that they give is like garbage."

As one veteran defense attorney, who has had several clients locked up in the jail, put it: "Le Cirque it ain’t."

Nice to see Le Cirque getting a shout out! 🙂

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