Rathbun’s Farm-To-Table Cooking Class [Video Style]

This past Sunday, Adam and I went to Rathbun’s in Inman Park for their farm-to-table cooking class.  There is a whole lot to say about this as I have about 200 pictures and a notebook full of scribble.  Luckily, the two videos I shot came out half-decent.  While they are nothing close in quality to the videos put out by Rowdy Food, I was reasonably pleased that my camera skills didn’t completely suck.  As for the audio … well … it is what it is.

While there is a whole mess of stuff to say on this (so be on the look out), I thought we’d start ya’ll off with a few short videos.  The star of the shows is chef Adam Williams, a 24-year-old wunderkind, who helped take Team Two to the promise land.  In his spare time, Williams serves as one of Kevin Rathbun’s devout minions chefs.  Enjoy!

In the first video, Adam is discussing the dishes that we were assigned to.  Mmmm … parsnips!

Next up is a great little demonstration on how to hold a knife … something that is often overlooked by us home-hacks! Check it:

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