People That Leave Make Me Sad : Bye Bye Tasty Blog Soup

blog soup

It’s a busy couple of days in the real world for one Foodie Buddha.  So while I didn’t have the time or energy in the past 12-hours to write my post on Café Istanbul, I did want to stop in for this quick little tidbit.  The writer responsible for Blog Soup is packing up and moving to Kansas City.  In what appears to be her final post, she mentioned that Blog Soup will remain in the Dirty Dirty.  Meanwhile, she recapped her visit to Kevin Gillespie’s Woodfire Grill, her final foodie stop, on the blog’s penultimate post.

Though I never met or even interacted with BS, it always bums me out when people go away.  Bon Voyage Blog Soup, best of luck in the land of barbecue.

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