Firefly Vodka, Brunch, And Rosebud

fireflyFirefly is the shizzle.  For anyone who hasn’t had it: it’s sweet tea vodka that is dangerous good.  My preferred serving: splash of water + lime juice.  It turns out that Firefly Distillers, the gang behind the beast, has a handful of other “flavors.”  When Ron Eyester and the gang at Rosebud caught wind of this, they decided to organize a brunch event.

For $36/person, you get a five courses, each paired with a signature Firefly cocktail.  All this drops on November 21st at 12:30, so I’m suspecting a little early planning might be a good idea.

Believe it or not, I haven’t actually made it over to check out the former Food 101 in Virginia-Highlands since Eyester promoted himself via a little purchase power.  So while I can’t comment on the food or the experience there, I can say that this is one hell of an idea.  Mmmm … sweat tea flavored vodka …

Rosebud Restaurant Address & Information

1397 N. Highland Ave, Atlanta, GA, 30306 // 404.347.9747 // Rosebud website // Rosebud menus

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