Live To Feast Says Hello World: Jumps Right In On The Atlanta Restaurant Reviews

In my evening web perusal, I stumbled on a new blog by the name of Live To Feast (website).  It looks like the person behind L2F, whomever they are, is setting up shop as a restaurant notation maker, a twitterati, and a pretty solid writer (unlike my own rantings, I haven’t found an grammatical error in the two posts I’ve read).  Thanks to a little help from Eat It Atlanta over on twitter, L2F took note of Hankook Taqueria in one of his/her earliest posts.  Apparently, owner Tomas Lee has made Hankook an odd mixture of Korean food and Taqueria style tacos. Even with just a few posts to date, I’ve already deemed L2Fs barren feed worthy of a follow. Check it out!

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