Sauced Restaurant Gets Going In Atlanta’s Inman Park [Openings]


If you take a trip down to the corner of Edgewood and Waddell, you’ll find yourself smack dab in front of one of Atlanta’s newest southern food spots, albeit a slightly modified one.  Sauced, a new rendition from the gang at Ria’s Bluebird, is just about ready to rock and roll.  As you’ll see from the image above (taken from the Sauced website), they’re really going to get it started on NYE.  However, they were open for a bit at the end of August and have already started letting people in the door over the past few days.

LeonPhelps-1 In the news as early as this past January, Ria Pell’s newest venture is a step towards the high-brow.  Keep in mind, that is a statement of relativity.  The food is cost conscious and there is a lot of focus on the sauces.  That said, I don’t believe they’ve employed a saucier (that’d probably be a little too fru fru anyway).  While you sip on your Courvoisier, you and the Ladies Man can chilax on the big couch in the midst of the brown and cream space.   If you are heading down there in the next few, make sure to be liquid – it’s cash only.

I’ll wax-foodetic once I work through my back log.  In the meantime, check out their facebook page, as it already has quite the following, and get ready to munch away.

Sauced Restaurant Address & Information

753 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta, GA 30307 // 404.688.6554 // Sauced website // Sauced on facebook

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