Spiral OysterFest Hits Park Tavern In Midtown: See Oysters, Eat Oysters [Debauchery]


What do you get when you put a whole mess of sex inducing molluscas, a lot of libations, and a slew of sex-crazed party animals in to one open space?  That’s right … you get the Spiral Entertainment OysterFest at Park Tavern.  Not to be confused with the Steamhouse Lounge’s version of OysterFest, this one takes place right at the intersection of 10th and Monroe.

It’s a raucous party where the everybody has a chance to let go.  As the girls would say, witness:

Lauren & Lindsay do it QDD style

That it falls on February 13th, the day before “Your single and doesn’t that suck day” probably isn’t a bad thing considering the theme.  While the oysters (all cooked for safety purposes) are plentiful, they aren’t free.  Tickets are $20/head as of this writing.  However, they are likely to go up.  Meanwhile, you can get a discount, but you’ll have to read for yourself how to get it! (don’t worry – it’s easy)

Anyway, the specifics are as such:

  • Live Music: Nine Inch Neils (Neil Diamond Tribute), Justin, Gurufish plus DJ Money Shot
  • beer and spirits
  • tons of steamed and fried oysters!

Purchase Tickets Here!

Then Drive Here:
Park Tavern
500 10th St NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

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