Sublime Doughnuts Gets A Digital Facelift (AKA New Website)


Doesn’t that doughnut look good?  It’s a Reese’s doughnut from Sublime Doughnuts in Midtown.  Now Sublime looks as good on paper (or in this case … the computer screen) as it does in person.  You see, I got a nice little surprise when I dropped in on the Sublime Doughnuts website just a few minutes ago.  Turns out, it got a big facelift and is now all nice and snazzy.  Regardless of who your favorite doughnut maker in metro Atlanta happens to be, Kamal Grant’s place is always in the discussion.  So take a gander at his food porn, and then go get one (or two, or three, or two dozen) for yourself.  For all you digital fiends, it looks like Kamal is updating the Sublime twitter page with some frequency.  Video time:

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