Thirsty Dog Tavern Set To Open In Peachtree Hills [Openings]

thirsty dog tavern

The Thirsty Dog Tavern is set to open on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 in the Peachtree Hills/Brookwood Hills area.  Located at 2110 Peachtree Rd, the Thirsty Dog is taking over the old Mick’s space (via the defunct VITA).  If that doesn’t help you place TDT, maybe this will: It’s essentially in the same strip center as the Houston’s on Peachtree and just south of Varasano’s Pizzeria.

I wasn’t able to look inside, but judging by the “salacious” pictures and sparse text on their website, this seems like a close cousin to The Tilted Kilt chain.  What I do know is that there is a strong emphasis on being pet friendly and sports, as there are 15 flat-screens on site.

Thirsty Dog Restaurant Address & Information
2110 Peachtree Rd. Atlanta, GA, 30309 // 404.367.8482 // Thirsty Dog Tavern website

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