The Kind Pie Restaurant Serves Up Pizza And Sandwiches In Buckhead [Food Finds]

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Late in February January, The Kind Pie opened up as Atlanta’s newest pizza restaurant.  As their tagline says, this is “pizza with a conscience conscience.”  However, their menu includes a good number of Italian appetizers, a few salads, and some inviting sandwiches.  Not surprising, you’ll find top quality products that lend themselves well to the concept.  In fact, they put out some gluten-free pizzas that appear very popular early on.  Though I have yet to actually step foot inside the restaurant, located in the heart of Buckhead, I did have a chance to sample some sandwiches for dinner (last night by the time y’all see this go up).  Though the consumption conditions were less than ideal, things are looking good for TKP, and I’m looking forward to giving them a full look-see in the near future.

Seeing as this place is unfettered by press or foodie attention, I’ve classified this as a food find.  However, the credit really goes to Step-Mama-San.  In the past week, she’s been there three times!  That in and of itself is a pretty good sign as she’s used to getting her grub on at Atlanta’s finest markets and restaurants.  According to the maternal unit, the interior of the restaurant is basically a glorified kitchen.  Located just a few doors down from my beloved, I’m not exactly sure that “restaurant” is the most appropriate term for the establishment.  It’s more of a glorified kitchen.

Seating is at a premium, and this is complicated by the fact that things are all made to order.  If this place picks up, lines might get intense.  Such is the price for high-quality, made to order food!  But enough of this and that, and onto what we all want to know: how does it taste.

Now this “review” is a bit out of the ordinary for yours truly.  I really hesitate to discuss food that I can’t consume within a reasonable amount of time.  The sandwiches showed up at the house around 12:30, but I didn’t pop mine until I returned home around 9:00.  While still subject to the pitfalls of reality, these were two very good sandwiches (all of which are served on housemade Piedi Grande).

First up was the Johnny Boy ($11) [pictured at top].  This ample portion of sandwich included Proscuito di Parma, Soprasetta, Buffalo Mozzarella, Roasted Peppers, Pesto, and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  While the bread had lost some luster, and the ingredients were robbed of some of their joy, this was one damn good sandwich.  Again, I’m saying this considering it sat out for 8 HOURS!!!!  The balance of the ingredients was spot on, the Buffalo mozzarella was subtle yet appealing, and the meats were packed with that good salty flavor released by a good carnivorous tear.

the kind pie - doreen di mocchi sandwich the kind pie - doreen di mocchi sandwich up close

I moved on to the Doreen Di Mocchi ($8), a chicken paillard sandwich with lemon, garlic, arugula, Italian parsley, and Fontal cheese.  The flavors here were invigorating and the balance of acids made the chicken a delicious bite.  Considering that the bread was beat up by the hours of room temperature storage and the included ingredients, I’d still say this was a damn good showing.  The only item that needs further explanation for an appropriate recap is the chicken.  It was a tad dry … but who knows why? 🙂

All in, this was an extremely impressive showing.  Considering that the kitchen is new on the scene, and the food was “ruined” by yours truly, this grub seems very promising.  It doesn’t hurt that the owner, whose name eludes me at this moment in writing, is reportedly a very cheerful chap with a true passion for good food.  In fact, like someone else we know, he left the corporate world to try and give the people some good grub.  I’ll be back in the next few to take down some fresh sandwiches and one of their namesake pies.

The Kind Pie Restaurant Address & Information

252 E. Paces Ferry Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305 // 404.869.3346 // The Kind Pie website // The Kind Pie menu
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