Stack Your Brunch And Fill Your Gut At Noon Midtown [Quick Hits]

noon midtown - the stack looks like the death star by foodiebuddha

Call it a chicken biscuit … call it a sandwich … call it a coronary heart attack … I don’t care what you call it, so long as you make it a point to grab Noon Midtown’s “Stack” sooner than later.  Katie Birmingham’s top notch restaurant has been kicking ass and taking names since I first stumbled in there a little over a year ago.

Though it has grown beyond its conceptual roots as a lunch place, Noon Midtown has become one of my favorite dinner spots and best bets for a noon time meal.  Case in point, I’ve been there enough times that they can pick me out in a crowd.  However, until this past weekend, I had never ventured over to try their Saturday brunch.  After watching my beloved Oranji win them some football, I took advantage of the break in the action to meet up with Atlanta’s favorite bachelorette blogger.  Having seen Noon’s brunch menu some time ago, I was particularly inspired by Live to Feast’s memo and Chow Down Atlanta’s love note.

noon midtown - more of the stack by foodiebuddha.

At $9.00 this master of disaster is beyond a steal.  The Stack is literally a stacked breakfast that’s both delicious and convenient (just not dietetic).  In between one sliced homemade biscuit you’ll find gorgeous orange Tillamook cheddar melting over a hefty slab of perfectly fried chicken amidst a sea of sausage gravy.  Just about the time you’re ready to tap out, you realize that there’s a couple of slices of crisped Benton’s bacon.  Sure it’s an overused purveyor, but can you really complain when it tastes this DA’AM awesome?  For good measure, I opted for the +fried egg version.  It was well worth the .50 cent surcharge.

noon midtown - the stack by foodiebuddha.

While The Stack might not be revolutionary, it is d’amn good.  Inspired by the “Reggie” at Pine State Biscuits in Portland, if any restaurant could survive by serving a single solitary menu item … this just may be that sandwich (however, Noon has a full array of awesomeness to fall back on).

When the sandwich finally showed up counter side, two thoughts immediately raced through my head.  First: does Noon keep Lipitor in house?  Second: how the heck am I going to eat this thing?  Nope and with hands!  Yes, despite its messy makeup, the perfectly executed biscuits serve as the perfect support system.  Bites are full of crunchy creamy goodness that left this Buddha fat and happy!  Was it messy? Hells yeah … by the time I was done, even my plate looked like it had been the subject of a serious beat down.

noon midtown - the stack by foodiebuddha noon midtown - the stack by foodiebuddha
noon midtown - the stack by foodiebuddha noon midtown - the stack by foodiebuddha

I would be remiss if I didn’t give love to the babe to my left (the Croque Madame wasn’t bad either).  Topped with a shiny, glistening egg, the sandwich came full of earthy Fontina cheese, warm sweet ham, and crunchy sourdough bread courtesy of H+F Bakery.  I must admit that the added truffle oil (made from the real stuff!!!!) just made me want to face plant into the sammy.

noon midtown - the croque madame by foodiebuddha.

Noon Midtown is one of the few restaurants I can recommend for all meals.  If Ms. Birmingham would offer the Stack up for some late night snacking, there’s a good chance I could spend an entire day there saying goodbye to my sanity.

noon midtown - ooey gooey croque madame by foodiebuddha noon midtown - the mess by foodiebuddha noon midtown - truffle oil by foodiebuddha

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