Muncheez At Northside Tavern [Openings]

Updated: 6.23 @ 8:00am

After years and years of being Atlanta’s premier dive bar (sorry Clermont), Northside Tavern is finally getting in on the food game … sort of.  I say sort of because the Westside’s newest food adventure is coming in the form of a new food stand named Muncheez.  A lot of details are up in the air, but here’s what I know.

The launch date for Muncheez is Sunday, July 10th.  They’re going to have a little shindig where a handful of bands, including the Swamp Funk Quartet, are scheduled to play and the trailer will start pumping out food.  There’s a chance Muncheez might get going sooner, but that is the official date.

It’s a 20’ long trailer, so I’m not exactly sure where or how it will be configured, that currently sits in the parking lot, still wrapped and facing Brady Ave.  The menu is eerily similar to another nearby food stand, albeit much more expansive.  Scheduled to be in the included offerings are wings, burgers, hot dogs, pizza, buffalo calamari and fried snickers.  The man, or at least one of the people, behind Muncheez is a dude by the name of Rommel Chatman.  I don’t have a lot of info on Mr. Chatman, but from what I have been told, he doesn’t come from the restaurant industry  was a waiter at Fox and Hounds and Mr. C’s.

Anyway, that’s about all.  There is no mention of this on the NT website but Muncheez does have a twitter handle and a facebook page that includes a few videos related to said trailer.

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