Lucky Peach: David Chang’s Magazine For The Gourmand [Deliciousness]

My couch just became an infinitely cooler hangout spot.  I’m kicking back with the inaugural copy of Lucky Peach, a quarterly publication backed by Momofuku’s David Chang and writer Peter Meehan.  Dude and dudettes … this puppy is da bang.

You see, each episode (aka issue) is dedicated to a particular topic.  Thankfully for me (and someone else I know), the debut is all about ramen.  Like issues to come, the topic is explored through travelogues, essays, artwork, pictures, rants, interviews … and thankfully … RECIPES!!!!

Amongst the oodles of food porn, I just caught a glimpse of Tony Bourdain’s recap of the movie Ramen Girl, a bit on ya ka mein from John T. Edge, and recipes from Chang, Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi, and Wylie Dufresne.

People – I hate paper, it’s archaic and wasteful.  This however is not paper; it is art.  Buy this art! Buy it now!!!!  You can’t get the first issue on subscription, but you can buy the issue or subscribe here!!!

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