Cafe Agora’s Not Really Secret Menu Secret [Quick Hits]

sampler platter (aka meze) at cafe agora

While it’s far from the most expensive thing in town and there are certainly more elevated restaurants  in the city, Buckhead’s Café Agora always finds its way onto my list of favorite/best/suggested eats in Atlanta.  Not much has changed with the food since I used Agora as an early guinea pig in my writing career.  Though I did have a worse than usual experience during one of my many recent visits, it was only a negligible drop-off and a temporary one at that.

But all that’s neither here nor there.  The meze platters still kick ass, the mixed grill (below) almost always finds itself to my table, and the beautifully presented gyro wraps show that the “law of diminishing returns” does have its exceptions.  But despite all of my fervor for Agora and familiarity with it, there was one thing I did not know was possible there until last week.

mixed grill platter at agora

I’m standing in line with PC when I hear him request that his meat plate of fabulousness be made “spicy.”  I know, this isn’t quite the payoff you were all hoping for … but trust me … I was dumbfounded.  After spending years sharing their single squirt bottle of hot sauce, a whole new option was thrust upon me.  Shammed that I never considered the option before, I excitedly requested my gyro spicy!!!

When we returned to our impromptu table of six, PC was quick to point out the folly of my ways: “You’ve been hanging out with Indians all your life and you didn’t know you can ask for spicy?”  A: “Well, yeah … I did … but it just never occurred to me here.”  PC wasn’t about to let me off that easily: “And you can always get a discount at the mall!”

So yes, if you want a little extra-kick, even to supplement the still valuable hot sauce, just tell whomever is taking your order that you’ll have it spicy.  The rest will be history! 

Insider’s Tip: Free delivery available with a $30 min.

Post Script: Be sure to see what Spark Plug had to say about about the meal where I snapped all this food porn.

Café Agora Restaurant Address & Information

262 E. Paces Ferry NE Atlanta, GA, 30305 // 404.949.0900 // website // menu

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