Searching For The Barbecue Man of Fort Street

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The intersection of Fort St and Irwin Street may not be the most welcoming intersection in Atlanta.  However, it has become a point of interest for yours truly.  You see, I drive on Fort St. quite a bit as it serves as an access road to I-75/I-85 thru Downtown.  Much to my own shame, I have perhaps stumbled upon something illicitly tantalizing only to pass it up (for reasons unbeknownst to me).

Here’s the low down: Numerous times during the last year I have passed by a complex that sits on Fort St just south of the Irwin St intersection.  During three of those drives, I have seen a small gathering of people huddled around a long smoker hitched to the back of a pickup truck.  A rolling barbecue pit no doubt, these are the elements of street food that do catch my attention so!

I have never been quick enough to pull out my camera nor smart enough to pull over and ask what’s what … but I’ve seen it with my own eyes.  Maybe it’s my version of sasquatch or perhaps proof that somebody’s Inceptioned my ass!

I have no recollection as to the specific times of my drive-byes (all were around 11pm though) nor even a guess as to what day of the week(s) it just so happened to be.  So what’s what people?  Has anyone else seen this?  Is it street food at its finest or random and semi-frequent gatherings that deserve no further attention?

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