David Sweeney Moves to Cakes & Ale, Ian Mendelsohn to H+F Bottle Shop [Factoids]

Time to get all “journalistic” on you peeps.

Step 1
On Friday, Spark Plug let it be known that David Sweeney, Atlanta’s leading vegetablemonger, was on his way to Cakes & Ale.  As she noted:

Dynamic Dish chef David Sweeney is slated to head the new bakery at Cakes & Ale for its daily lunch service that will start in a couple of weeks. This is perhaps the best restaurant news we’ve had in a long time. So excited!!!

Sweeney, who rose to fame on the heels of Dynamic Dish restaurant, was most recently at Restaurant Eugene.  Subsequently, I hit up the folks over at Eugene to see if there was anything else to be known.  They told me that Sweeney’s last week with the H+F family just concluded.  No word yet on the exact date of Sweeney’s arrival at C&A.

Oh, btw … Chloe also told y’all to get up to Bo Bo Garden post haste as their chef is getting ready to open a new restaurant on P’Hill in Gwinnett.

Step  2
In other H+F news, there have been some changes at H+F Bottle ShopAshley Hall, Atlanta’s redheaded and bright-eyed wine maven who was the Bottle Shop’s opening wine specialist, has moved on.  According to the HF people, Hall “left about a month ago to work on a business of her own.”  To bide her time, Hall is rummaging through her old stomping grounds with the Quality Wine & Spirits folks.  She goes live there on the 1st of Sep.

Ian Mendelsohn has replaced Hall and while admittedly far less appealing to gentleman like me, he comes with a respectable amount of experience in his own right.  For the past few months he has been with Avant Partir and prior to that, he served as wine specialist for the Concentrics group and the wine director for the St. Regis Hotel.

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