Black Cod … Tomo … ‘Nuff Said

black cod belly at tomo

Look at it … drool over it … want it.  Stare at that tempura batter soaking up the ponzu … crave it.  That, my friends in food, is one hell of a dish.  Courtesy of Tomohiro Naito at his eponymous restaurant Tomo, lusciously cut pieces of black cod have been tempura fried and left to swim in a garlic ponzu sauce.  Grated daikon and sliced scallions round out this tongue puckering example of umami.  In a Japanese restaurant where dollars need to be watched with meticulous solicitude, you’ll probably assume the $8.00 price tag exists in err.  Hurry now before Tomo-san realizes this gaff; this may be the most under valued dish in the entire city.

Tomo Japanese Restaurant Address & Information
3256 Cobb Pkwy Atlanta, GA 30339 // 770.690.0555 // website

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