Kevin Gillespie Named One Of Forbes 30 Under 30

Forbes Magazine just published their 30 Under 30 award winners.  As the name implies, it’s an award that recognizes youthful excellence in a variety of disciplines.  Atlanta’s Kevin Gillespie, who is often times mistaken for Yukon Cornelius, landed a spot on the food & wine section of the list.

It’s not much more than a quick shout, as Forbes didn’t put much more than a sentence of two up about each winner.  Gillespie’s did of course mention that he’s 29, the executive chef at Woodfire Grill, and that he appeared on season six of Top Chef.  It reads as follow:

The Atlanta native was a fan favorite on Top Chef’s sixth season. Currently working on two cookbooks.

Anywho, it’s a pretty good group of young folks, so check out the full list and see if you don’t find a new person to latch onto.  And of course, you can find Kevin over on twitter if you don’t already follow him.

[article via / image via facebook – props to @SavoryExposure]

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