The $250 Salad Delivery [Laugh of the Day]

So the gang at College Humor wanted to see what would happen if they ordered a salad from the aptly named Just Salad (site) in New York City.  Not much of a story there … until you realize that they decided to order every single possible topping (including double meats) for their single serving lettuce bowl.  That too may not seem that impressive, until you consider that Just Salad offers up something like 200 toppings.  Sadly, I think Just Salad failed since they weren’t able to fit everything in one bowl.

It’s kind a funny even if it’s not on the level of CH’s overly indulgent and incredibly intricate prank war series].  So watch it and then berate me for robbing you of like 5-minutes of your life; or, don’t watch it and miss out on seriously impressive food humor.

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