Rumblings Of The Weekend: Top Chef ATL Meetup / Holeman & Finch’s Bottleneck To Open / Hacks

One heck of a weekend if you ask me … lots of football, lots of food, and lots of food news.  What else is there?  Here are just a few of the rumblings and grumblings … Read more →

BREAKING NEWS: Flip Burger Boutique Hits Birmingham, AL In December

This just in … chef Richard Blais just announced via his twitter feed that Flip Burger Boutique, the ever popular fusion burger joint, is finally expanding after months of rumors and postulations.  The next location … Read more →

Something From Atlanta Brewing In DC??? [Things That Make You Go Hmmm]

I’m not sure exactly what to make of this.  However, I thought it was interesting enough that it is worth a mention.  For reasons beyond my scope, a post from January blew up yesterday.  That … Read more →

The Original Retro Brand Goes Foodie???? Richard Blais Talks Sports, Top Chef, And Flip Burger Boutique

I always get a kick out of reading about people “outside their context.”  Such is the case with a recent post over at the Original Retro Brand blog.  To explain, since 1998, has been … Read more →

Around The Dirty – Trips To Daddy D’s Barbecue, Flip Burger Boutique, La Pietra Cucina, & Varasano’s Pizzeria [Quick Hits]

Hope ya’ll had a pleasant weekend. I know I did.  As you might expect, the past few days have left me worn down and fried.  So, rather than pen a full review, first impression, or … Read more →

Food Reviews From Non-Foodies

Mis [sic] Angela discusses her disappointing experience at the Atlanta Fish Market.  It still baffles me how a restaurant with such nicely sourced food seems to drop the ball almost every meal.  If you are … Read more →

Richard Blais Making A Splash As Atlanta’s Newest Food Blogger

Richard Blais continues his metamorphosis from kitchen slinger to celebrity chef.  By now, we all know about the long waits at FLIP, his time on Top Chef, and his propensity for multi-tasking. While he has … Read more →

More On The Upcoming Locations Of FLIP Burger Boutique

By now, many of us have heard about the upcoming FLIP Burger Boutique locations. According to Richard Blais (internal), there has been a modification in their expansion plans.  A second Atlanta location is still on … Read more →

Manhattan Burger Joint Opens And Some PR Firm Whimpers

There can be serious repercussions if you select a a bad name for your business, regardless of your industry.   When one selects a name for their restaurant, any name is pretty much fair game.  That … Read more →

FLIP Burger Boutique To Open In Austin, TX

In addition to a new spot in East Atlanta and one in Washington DC, Richard Blais proclaimed Austin, Texas as the luckily winner in the FLIP burger boutique sweepstakes.  As this burger bug continues to … Read more →