City Limit Cafe Opening In Grant Park

One day last week, my buddy and I walked from his house in Grant Park over to downtown.  Our route took us past the old Lamplighter Cafe … low and behold, I saw some work … Read more →

Atlanta Chef Carmen Cappello Returns To Philly

Well bumtastic! It appears that chef Carmen Cappello is the latest Atlanta knife-master to head out of town.  Cappello’s unfortunate string of luck has been well documented; so this is not the biggest of surprises.  … Read more →

Carmen Cappello Clears the Air on Lamplighter

Hello readers, I received this email from chef Cappello regarding the recent events that have taken place at Lamplighter.  I really liked what Carmen was trying to do with the space and I cannot wait … Read more →

Update On Lamplighter Cafe…err…. Shame Burger

A few days ago, word spread regarding the fate of Lamplighter Cafe.  Many people, myself included (internal), reported that the restaurant closed due to a robbery on Christmas. Well, it turns out we may have … Read more →

Lamplighter Cafe Indefinitely Closed

As reported on omnivore, Chef Carmen Cappello has shut down Lamplighter Cafe.  Apparently, they were robbed on Christmas Day.  While the menu was promising and the vibe was warm, they had trouble keeping the place … Read more →