The NCAA Tournament (Food) Champion

Every March, prognosticators, sports fanatics, and seemingly every other person with even the faintest interest in the NCAA basketball tournament fills out a bracket. People will use everything from video game simulations to mascot battles … Read more →

UrbanSpoon Rez Hits Atlanta [Online Restaurant Reservations]

While OpenTable seems to be synonymous with online restaurant reservations, they aren’t the only game in town.  UrbanSpoon, another one of those online restaurant information sites (and one that I actually use), launched their own … Read more →

The Best iPad Food Apps: The Complete Foodie Guide To The iPad [Technology]

I make no bones about my general disdain for a company that embeds personal information into audio files that you purchase (see: Apple).  That said, I know a big thing when I see it … … Read more →

UrbanSpoon Launches Android App [Food + Technology]

While this is a food blog, there is no doubt that the techie in me wants to take every opportunity to drop some nugget of wisdom every once in a blue moon.  Today is just … Read more →

Fox Bros Bar-B-Q (BBQ) Restaurant Review – Little Five Points, Atlanta, GA

Overall:[rating:1.5] Folks in these parts tend to have very strong feelings about their barbeque.  I guess that rings true throughout the South.  Whether you find yourself in Kansas City, Memphis, the Baby Blues (Carolina country), … Read more →

Foursquare: Dining Out + Social Web + Xbox 360 Achievements = Awesome iPhone App!

Do I have an iPhone? Absolutely not.  Will I ever get one? I seriously doubt it.  Is that something Im proud of? Damn skippy!  That said, foursquare (iTunes page) is a kick ass app that … Read more →