Breaking News: Top Chef & Madrid Fusion Love Soto!

Not minutes after I penned my last post – I received word that Soto has in fact… hit it out of the park! Four well respected Chefs have come out guns a blazing! Glad to see someone out there agrees with me. Here’s what they said:

Tom Colicchio, Host of Top Chef, my favorite show on TV, Chef/Owner Craft and Damon Wise, Executive Chef, Craft Meal of the Year – said of Soto, New York, NY: “His giant squid with quail egg was the best dish I had this year"

Alex Raij, Chef/Owner Txikito, New York, NY Most Potential – Sotohiro Kosugi, Soto, New York, NY

Jonathan Benno, Executive Chef, Per Se, New York, NY Meal of the Year – Soto, New York, NY

In addition, Soto has been invited to attend "Madrid Fusion 2009," a very well respected international culinary conference. You can view his page here. This year, only two chefs were invited from the USA. I would give my left-arm to go to this event! But alas, tickets are 500 Euro and that does not include airfare or hotel!

Rock on Soto! Now back to our regularly scheduled programing! I promise to stop with the Soto Love for at least a few days!

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