Great Buy: Zonin Brut Prosecco Vino Spumante Special Cuvée NV

In these tough economic times, there is nothing more appealing than finding a hidden gem in the low-end of the price range. Last night, we celebrated the holiday season with a little pre-dinner bubbly.  The bottle of Zonin Brut turned out to be just one of those gems.  While it will not garner you the attention that a bottle of Veuve will; showing up with a bottle of this stuff at the next party will certainly suffice.

To be clear: Prosecco is not Champagne!  Prosecco is a grape, just like chardonnay and pinot noir (the grapes found in Champagne, FR).  Unlike its buttoned up counterpart, Prosecco is generally considered to be a loose, laid-back grape.

While the flavors of this bottle may be unnerving to some, I found this bottle to be very light with a clean, refreshing finish.  I was particularly surprised when I found out the price tag: $10!!!!!  How bout them apples?

Stay tuned for my review of The Lobster Bar, our dinner spot from last night.

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